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About Us


The Society for Professional Data Managers (SPDM) was established in 2017 to support the professional development of the worldwide community of data and information managers working in the energy sector.

Founded by CDA and Stiftelsen ECIM, it is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Norway, and working to support its members wherever they may be.

The Society works mostly online, through webinars, digital conferences, and its Slack workspace to keep its members connected, and to enable them to stay abreast of data and digital developments in the energy sector, and increasingly, in the broader transition to low or zero carbon sources of energy.

Open to all, the Society aims to offer an accessible, inclusive environment for all members to take part, be represented, and, if they wish to stand for election, join the Board of the Society and have a direct influence on its future direction and goals.


Vision & Purpose

The vision and purpose of the Society is set out in its Articles of Association as follows:

“to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge and careers for data managers within the energy and petroleum industry” … and …

“to provide technical energy sector data managers with the means to grow their careers and competencies through professional development, community events and meetings, as well as access to a body of knowledge for petroleum data management.”

The Society’s vision is global and international in scope and relevance, but resolutely member-driven and non-commercial. It delivers on its vision and purpose through activities typically delivered online and accessible to its members, whatever part of the world they live in.

You can read more about the Society’s plans for this year in its Annual Report.

About Professional Data Management

Management and Stewardship of Data

Professional Data Management (PDM) involves the management and stewardship of digital and physical data used throughout the energy sector. It covers a wide spectrum of responsibilities to ensure data is acquired, stored, and used in efficient and innovative ways while complying with legal and regulatory requirements.


Professional Data Managers work with data and stakeholders across multiple domains in the offshore and onshore industry, including geology, geophysics, petrophysics, production, drilling, and reservoir engineering, as well as environment, legal, and regulatory licensing. Professional Data Managers also work closely with IT and data science disciplines, and some individuals may have responsibility across domains and disciplines.

Wider Impact

The oil and gas industry also has a critical role to play in the changing energy landscape. Data and the work of Professional Data Managers are key parts of the industry’s approach to the issues and opportunities arising from energy transition.

All are Welcome

SPDM aims to support individuals who have an interest in these areas, regardless of their role or type of organisation.

Contact SPDM


Postal address:
Society for Petroleum Data Managers
PB 8034 iPark
N - 4068 Stavanger

Office address:
Professor Olav Hanssensvei 7A
N - 4021 Stavanger

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