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The Society of Professional Data Mangers (SPDM) serves as an objective technical authority for the energy sector and encourages members to participate in community outreach and education programs that enhance public understanding of the energy industry, and explain technical and economic issues involved in oil and gas exploration and production.

SPDM should be objective and impartial when it comes to political matters and government policy. Under this policy, there are activities that should not be conducted by SPDM, either because they are prohibited by the governing SPDM’s non-profit status regulations or because they are outside the scope of SPDM’s mission.

The Society is run by its members for its members.

Its Board comprises seven Directors and two Deputy Directors drawn from its membership, and elected for a period of two years. All are unpaid, working for the Society as volunteers, rather than employees.

Members of the Society have a formal opportunity once a year to hold the Board to account, at its Annual General Meeting, typically held in February. They also have a say on who is appointed to the Board, by voting in the Board elections which are usually held in October.

The Board is required to act within the boundaries set by the Society’s Articles of Association, and is subject to Norwegian law.

You can contact the Board by email to, read more about the current board members, obtain minutes of past Board meetings, and if you are wondering how to join the Board, learn about how the elections process works.

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