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Past Events


SPDM Online 2021 June 22nd - 24th (ended)

‘Data Platforms: Transforming the Future of Data Management?’

Presentations tackle emerging themes and issues such as data platform strategies and the evolving role of data standards, data requirements of CCUS, the transforming role of National Data Repositories such as DISKOS, and the changing skills and capabilities required of a modern data manager.


SPDM Webinar June 1st 2021 (ended)

'The Evolution of Data Related Roles'

Chloe Hartley, intern at CDA/OGUK, will report the findings of a recent project investigating the trends in data-related job titles in the oil and gas industry over the last ten years. The aim of the project is to advance understanding of progress in data management and inform the energy industry’s efforts to support and develop the data management profession.


SPDM Webinar March 23rd. (ended)

'M&A Total's Acquisition of Maersk Oil'

A case study on the data challenges associated with an acquisition of an operator and consequent, simultaneous organisational restructuring. Challenges include reviewing 320 million technical files. The session will be of interest to data managers facing possible similar projects and looking for lessons on automated solutions.

Alan Pointing, Senior Data Manager in Total, shared some of the data and information challenges and how they were solved in Total's acquisition of Maersk Oil.


SPDM Webinar Feb 23rd (ended)

The new SPDM Mentoring Program - a member service

The webinar introduced the Mentoring Program being launched by SPDM and how the society intends to support the development of data management community through effective mentoring partnerships.

Presenter was Khushal Adlakha, SPDM Board Member, Data Officer, Pro Well Plan AS


General Meeting SPDM 18th. February 2021 (ended)

The AGM was held as a virtual meeting. Meeting documents are available to members of the Society.


SPDM Online 2020 November 9th. to 13th. (ended)

There were two sessions daily respectively at 11am and 4pm UK time, to be accessible to as many Society members as possible worldwide. Recordings are available to registered members of the Society for later viewing where permitted.

For any questions please send an email to

Overview of presenters and panelists: Henry Blondelle (AgileDD), Paul Gibb (Petrosys), Joseph Nicholson (Osokey), Martin Storey (Well Data QA), Steve Hawtin (White Turret), Kwadwo Kyeremateng (Petroleum Commission Ghana), Sunil Garg (DataVedik), Phillip Jong (Shell/OSDU), Anne-Kari Furre (Equinor), Kim Gunn Maver (Iraya Energy). Panelists: Karine Labat (IFP), Eric Monteiro (NTNU), Andrew Klein (Texas A&M University), Marcus Zeppone (Ex student), Fionnuala Cousins (Robert Gordon University), Henk Tijhof (Shell), Dagmar Beck (Rice University).


SPDM Webinar September 22nd. 2020 (ended)

'A Case Study - Neptune’s Digital Automation'

Platform for Subsurface Data Management' As E&P operators expand, shrink or merge, managing Subsurface data becomes more challenging and unmanageable task. Data in different digital silos makes data manger’s life even more difficult to search for the best data resulting in less control and visibility. Neptune UK Data Management had similar problems and started to tackle this task with planning to building a new foundation of digital automation:

  • What tasks can easily be automated?
  • What tasks can be made self-serving?
  • How to maximize our data visibility & overview with the least amount of effort?
  • How to have a One Stop Shop for all Subsurface data?
  • How to have an automated data governance framework?

Haroon Rashid, DM Lead in Neptune UK, will provide his insight into the challenges and the solutions which led them to success.


SPDM Webinar August 11th. 2020 (ended)

UKCS: Steps towards a digitalised basin

The oil and gas sector in the UK has invested $ billions in IT, but still lags behind other sectors in its use of its data and digital assets.

  • Why is this?
  • What is getting in the way of the basin’s digital ambitions?
  • What do we have to do to make progress towards a full digitalised UKCS?

Join Daniel Brown, Executive Director, CDA, to dig into these questions and discuss ideas on how we should move forward.


SPDM Webinar July 7th. 2020 (ended)

'Energy Transition & Information Management'

As oil & gas moves to net zero, how might information needs change? The world is changing, society is demanding it. The way we live our lives is shifting, with environmental changes and personal well-being driving it. Funding for oil & gas exploration & production is under great pressure. Net zero laws and Energy Transition are now crucial.

• What does Energy Transition mean? • How will Operators change? • What are the information & data implications? • What should you do?

The speaker for this webinar was Neale Stidolph, Energy Transition Lead and Head of IM, Sword ITS. An introductory session suitable for information professionals in the energy sector. See examples and learn about who is involved. Work out what questions to ask in your business and how to actively participate.


SPDM Webinar 1pm (UK) 2nd. June 2020 (ended)

'Remote Working - The Trials of being a Data Manager in the New Normal'

What has a data manager ever done for us !

Speaker for this webinar was Jane Hodson, Information & Samples Lead, Premier Oil. Focus for the webinar was how the current world wide lockdown has affected the way Data Managers have to work - a discussion place for virtual working, how data managers can make a difference and share your experiences.


SPDM Webinar 6th. May 2020 (ended)

'Professional Identity in Industrial Data Management'

Our speaker for this webinar was Fionnuala Cousins, Lecturer at Robert Gordon University. The theme was about some of the facets of professional identity in industrial data management.


SPDM General Meeting 14th. May 2020 (ended)

The General Meeting of the Society for Petroleum Data Managers was held as a virtual meeting on Thursday 14th May 2020.

The Annual Report, Financial Report, and minutes may be downloaded by Society Members from: Access to documents and attendance at the meeting is available only to current members of the Society.


SPDM Webinar 31st March 2020 (ended)

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Kerry Blinston, VP Smart Data Solutions at CGG spoke about some of the decisions required when transitioning from legacy subsurface applications and data to centralised cloud based systems.


SPDM Meetup in Aberdeen February 25th. 2020 (ended)

The first SPDM Meetup was held in Aberdeen on Tuesday 25th February. The Meetup followed on from OGUK’s Data and Digital Day, which is supported by the Society, and for which SPDM Members received a discounted ticket price.

P.S. – Want to arrange an SPDM Meetup in your own location, whether on a regular basis or tied to an industry event? Let us know, by email or on Slack! We’d be delighted to support you!


OGUK Seminar - The Reality of Digital Transformation (ended)

The very first OGUK Seminar was held on 14 November 2019 in London. Focus for the seminar was on how data managers can adapt to an increasingly agile world ensuring the opportunity to survive and thrive in this sea of challenge and change. See more information here (Event ended)


ECIM2019 The main E&P Data and IM Conference in Europe

The 24th ECIM International E&P Data and Information Management Conference and User Meeting was held 16-18 September 2019, in Haugesund, Norway; same place and almost same procedure. See more information here - (Event ended)

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