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Program Details

...Subject to change...

------------------------ Monday November 28th. (UK time) ------------------------

11:00 Dynamic Digital Twin – Creating real value from structured data – What are your transferable skills? - Endre Nisja, IM Advisor, Shell. Shell has over the last 5 years implemented a Dynamic Digital Twin for the Ormen Lange gas field and the Nyhamna gas processing plant, that spans the whole process from reservoir to market. (**This presentation will not be recorded**)

11:30 The NDA’s Digital Transformation Journey - Dave Clark, AM&CI Manager, NDA. Transforming the knowledge of the past into insight for the future.

15:00 Sustainable utilization of subsurface on Norwegian Continental Shelf, Ying Guo, Senior Advisor / Business developer, CCUS, IOR, Norce. The Importance of digital information.

15:30 Making complex problems simple with design thinking and creating great user experiences - Lene Regine Sorskar, UX designer, Okse; and Trond Roar Eide, Senior User Experience Designer, These Ways AS. How design can assist with making data management less complex for the users.

------------------------ Tuesday November 29th. (UK time) ------------------------

11:00 AVATARA-p: AVATARA-p: Digital fossil microplankton slides with gigapixel resolution - Robert Williams, Paleontologist: marine microplankton, NPD. ABy using technology developed for digitising tissue sections for pathological diagnosis, the Norwegian Petroleum is scanning 150 000 fossil microplankton slides at 4000 pixels/mm resolution for online palynological analysis. is the appropriate retention period and how should operators responsibly dispose of core and cuttings.

11:30 Subsurface samples: To retain or not to retain, that is the question - Kerry Blinston, Head of Energy Solutions Group, Oasis. A review of the arguments for and against the retention of subsurface core and cuttings samples. What is the appropriate retention period and how should operators responsibly dispose of core and cuttings.

15:00 Equinor OSDU Adaptation Experience - Einar Landre, Lead Analyst IT, Equinor.

15:30 OSDU challenges and the inter-relation to pre-existing standards such as PPDM and Energistics - Simon Kendall, Director of Data Management Strategy, Petrosys Interica.

------------------------ Wednesday November 30th. (UK time) ------------------------

11:00 Data to the Many – Implementing data mesh in Equinor - Nina Reiersgaard, Advisor Enterprise Data Management, Equinor. How we approach data products, data platform, and a federated model for data governance.

11:30 SecondLife for Distributed Data - Jess Kozman, Senior Principal Consultant, Katalyst Data Management. When will we see the next wave of large volumes of distributed data? Some of our Asia Pacific clients are already starting to investigate how multi-terabyte data sets from distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and other distributed data collection technologies will impact their data management and data governance platforms, and we are working with fiber optic technology providers to understand the role of edge computing and cloud data management in working with these datasets. The data is supporting continuous sensing for well integrity, CO2 sequestration and energy storage, geothermal, and mining seismicity, site, and equipment monitoring.

15:00 OSDU as an intermediary for digitally driven collaboration and innovation in the oil and gas industry - Mahdis Moradi, PhD Candidate, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Collaboration and crossing both intra and inter-organizational boundaries, could be a key to tackle challenges such as breaking organizational and data silos, and pursuing digitally enabled process innovation initiatives in the oil and gas industry.

15:30 Made Smarter Innovation: Centre for People-Led Digitalisation - Susan Lattanzio, Research and Industry Engagement Manager, University of Bath. Aiming to improve the outcome of the adoption of digital technologies by putting people at the core of thinking.

------------------------ Thursday December 1st. (UK time) ------------------------

11:00 Carbon Accounting, Monitoring, and Quantification to Foster Corporate Social Responsibility - Prashant Badaltjawdharie, Prashant Badaltjawdharie, CGI. Data Requirements and Challenges.

11:30 Fission for compliments - Richard Thompson, Enterprise Data Manager, Sellafield Ltd. The grass roots of the ‘Sellafield Data Journey’. (**This presentation will not be recorded**)

15:00 Digital Skills and Transformation at the North Sea Transition Authority - Patrick Rickles, Head of Digital Skills & Innovation NSTA.

15:30 Panel session on Data Architecture - Back to the Future? - Led by members of the Board of the SPDM Are we heading down architectural blind alleys? Is the Data Mesh concept only something of use for the largest organisations? Will APIs save us? How about OSDU? What is going on? And what can we do about?

------------------------ Friday December 2nd. (UK time) ------------------------

11:00 Automatic detection of information in unstructured documents to benefit the energy transition - Peter Faasse & Jurrien Dijk, Data Scientist & Data Manager, Geological Survey of the Netherlands, TNO. By using multiple supervised machine learning techniques (text -and image classification), we aim to construct a data processing pipeline, that allows for automated processing and storage of documents and information within. (**This presentation will not be recorded**)

11:30 Scalable end-user access to the subsurface data with domain Ontologies - Adnan Latif, Center Executive Manager, SIRIUS SFI, UiO. Demonstration of a technology that can enable end-users to formulate and execute complex queries (based on G&G/Petrophysical attributes) without knowing anything about the underlying database(s) architecture and queries formulated in the domain (G&G/Petrophysical) vocabulary instead of SQL. (**This presentation will not be recorded**)

15:00 Defining the basics to be prepared for change - Liv Stordahl Borud, Leading Advisor Data Management, Equinor. Implementing a data governance model and developing the data profession in Equinor.

15:30 Cloud Archiving & AI-based image classification - Jesse Lord, Lead - Product Strategy, Kadme. Extracting actionable insight from data lakes containing structured and unstructured data.

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