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The SPDM would like to offer a diverse group of mentors in a way that is as straightforward and effective as possible. Many people have a preconception that a mentor is someone with years of experience but this is not always the case. If you are willing to share skills, knowledge, take an interest in what motivates others and can give constructive feedback you could make a great mentor.

The SPDM is here to support the development of all mentees to help you as you grow, learn and thrive through effective mentoring partnerships. Remember, the successful relationship is developed as a result of participants spending quality and productive time together.

The SPDM facilitates the introduction of potential mentors with mentees and provides a framework and guidelines for successful mentor/mentee relationships.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is about more than giving advice, it’s about motivating and empowering and helping the other person understand themselves and their aims – and how they can get there.

It's also about helping each other resolve issues, whether directly or more often through advice and sharing experiences.

Benefits for the Mentee

  • Guidance on professional development
  • Opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge
  • Get advice on overcoming weakness
  • See things from new perspective
  • Get an unbiased feedback
  • Expand professional network

Benefits for the Mentor

  • Recognition as a leader
  • Exposure to fresh perspective and new ideas
  • Development of personal leadership and coaching style
  • Opportunity to volunteer
  • Personal growth and sense of fulfilment

Accessing the Mentoring Program (a member service)

The SPDM Mentoring Committee connects the potential mentor and mentee based on interests mentioned by mentor and mentee in the application forms.

Please find and select the application forms here: Application Forms

Please email if you have any questions.

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