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Nomination of Candidates for the Society's Board of Directors -2022

The Nomination Committee on behalf of the Society of Professional Data Managers is proud to announce the 2022 election process of the Board of Directors of the Society.

Board members perform a critical role for the Society by directly influencing its focus and future activities, ensuring they meet the needs of the Society’s members wherever they may be in the world.

Nominations should be made by completing the nominations form :

We kindly ask you as a member to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors on or before Wednesday 31st August 2022. You may also nominate yourselves. Please include a short ‘Statement’ from your candidate.

The Nomination Committee will recommend a board composition and publish it to members in September. The Nomination Committee then will provide the final recommended board composition to a General Meeting of the Society, expected to be called in October 2022.

Board membership does bring some responsibilities. Each year the board creates a business plan, that it believes will advance the society and its aims. Once each month, we meet to discuss progress against this plan, to make decisions and to agree actions. Board members commonly take ownership in delivering specific tasks but are often helped by other members of the society – for example the organising committee for the recent SPDM virtual conference.

From personal experience, being involved in the board enables you to build a professional network and provides growth opportunities that develops transferrable skills. The perspectives of other board members and the diverse organisations they represent, can also be very interesting and useful.

For more information on being a board member please click here.

If you have any questions about nomination or the role and duties of the Board, please ask us by email to

Jane Hodson, Kerry Blinston, and Daniel Brown

Nomination Committee Society for Professional Data Managers

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