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Registration for the Programme Sessions Here.

------------ Tuesday 22nd June. (UK time) -----------

11:00 Our journey from data standards & open data towards an open information platform
- Stephan Gruijters, Eva de Boever, TNO

11:30 Contextualisation of Unstructured and Structured Data - Dave Camden, Flare Solutions
How the application of consistent contextual metadata can enable intelligent enterprise search

15:00 Data Managers - Jack of All Trades - Ayan Omar, National Oil Corporation of Kenya

15:30 Ecopetrol’s new digital strategy for Corporate data management
Gustavo Londono, Ecopetrol
A corporate information management system as an enabler to accelerate the Exploration and Field development process

------------ Wednesday 23nd June. (UK time) -----------

11:00 OSDU Data Platform as a Service for your DataOps Journey - Michaël van der Haven, CGI

11:30 Data Platforms, or Platforms for use with Data – bottom up or top down
- Steve Aitken, Intelligent Plant
Should we start with a solution or start with a problem – data itself is not the problem, but potentially the solution to many problems – how do we get the right terminology to enable everyone to move forwards together.

15:00 Sparking the Energy Transition with Data - Franek Hasiuk, Kansas Geological Survey
How standardized storage and democratized access are necessary for CCUS, Hydrogen, and Critical Minerals Research and Development

15:30 Professionalizing our Discipline in 2021 and Beyond - Pat Meroney, PPDM
The work of the Professional Development Committee (PDC)

------------ Thursday 24th June. (UK time) -----------

11:00 Is the common data platform already legacy? - Alf Michaelsen, Leidos
Thoughts, examples and success stories where new technologies are interrogating and surfacing content and data from legacy sources

11:30 Data Democratization in a Continuously Evolving Data Environment
- Jehoshaphat Kioko, National Oil Corporation of Kenya

15:00 Industry Data Standards as a Foundational Element in OSDU
Jay Hollingsworth, Energistics

The industry has been working on data standards for over 20 years, to properly reflect physical systems, complex measurements and derivative data. New data platforms can leverage this investment to de-risk data modelling

15:30 Diskos 2.0 The Norwegian NDR – A step change in subsurface data management
Eric Toogood, Maria Juul, Elin Aabo, Kenny Astbury, NPD
Current operations and initiatives – Planning for the transition

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