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Programme Details

SPDM Online 2020 November 9th. - 13th.

To register for the presentations you want to attend please go to registration page.

------------ Monday November 9th. (UK time) - Day host: Lars Gåseby, Shell -----------

11:00 Cloud based data repositories: What are the implications for subsurface data?
- Joseph Nicholson, Chief Operating Officer, Osokey
What are your ambitions for subsurface data after peak oil? How does this fit with the current themes of energy transition, digital transformation, data democratisation? A look at what has occurred and can happen next.

16:00 Data management challenges for CO2 storage – same, same or different?
- Anne-Kari Furre, Advisor Reservoir Geophysics, Equinor
CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) is gradually becoming more wide-used. I will here discuss some of the data management challenges for deep geological storage of CO2. (The presentation will not be recorded)

------------ Tuesday November 10th. (UK time) - Day host: Kerry Blinston, CGG ------------

11:00 The Data Management of Context
- Martin Storey, Senior Consultant, Well Data QA
Preserving petroleum data in turbulent times.

16:00 The Long View
- Steve Hawtin, Director, White turret Ltd
How past industry initiatives inform the present

------------ Wednesday November 11th. (UK time) - Day host: Mark Rae, Shell ------------

11:00 Can Elasticsearch help us access large Oil & Gas datasets more efficiently?
- Paul Gibb, Business Development & Account Manager, Petrosys
As E&P companies strive for efficiency and as other industries seek to make use of data already collected from years of Oil & Gas activities, can Elasticsearch (the world’s leading open source search and analytics solution) play a pivotal role in making sense of all the data? We present our findings of working with Elasticsearch on Oil and Gas datasets so far.

16:00 Transition to the future with the OSDU Data Ecosystem
- Phillip Jong, Manager Data Foundation Design and OSDU Chair, Shell Global Solutions Inc.

------------ Thursday November 12th. (UK time) - Day host: Daniel Brown, CDA ------------

11:00 Detecting and segmenting tabular data in unstructured documents
- Henri Blondelle,CEO, AgileDD
How to combine classical Machine Learning (ML), Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Weighted Finite-State Transducers can help solving this difficult issue.

11:30 Making unstructured data instantly available for E&P decisions
- Kim Gunn Maver, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Iraya Energies
The oil and gas industry are awash with data. 80% is unstructured data, which makes them difficult to utilize. Organizing the data using artificial intelligence makes them instantly accessible through a cloud native web interface.

16:00 Panel Session; Education in Energy Data Management - Looking to the future
- Moderator: Dan Brown, CDA and Jane Hodson, Premier Oil
Panelists: Dagmar Beck (Rice University), Eric Monteiro (NTNU), Fionnuala Cousins (Robert Gordon University), Henk Tijhof (Shell), Marcus Zeppone (Ex student), Andrew Klein (Texas A&M University), Karine Labat (IFP)

------------ Friday November 13th. (UK time) - Day host: Jane Hodson, Premier Oil ------------

11:00 The way forward for National Petroleum Data – An African Perspective
- Kwadwo Kyeremateng, Data Management Officer, Petroleum Commission Ghana
This is a presentation of the reflections and experiences of managing E&P data for an upstream oil regulator in Africa. It’s a step meant to encourage the sharing of experiences and valuable lessons for other data practitioners in the oil and gas industry.

16:00 Implement an End-to-End Upstream E & P Workflow Solution Using Machine Learning
- Sunil Garg, CEO, DataVedik
Data Science Life Cycle to build, operationalize and maintain End-to-End Upstream E & P Workflow Solutions Using Machine Learning.

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