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Program Details

------------------------ Monday November 22nd. (UK time) ------------------------

11:00 Becoming a New Energy Data Professional – What are your transferable skills?
- Jess Kozman, Senior Principal Consultant, Katalyst DM
Some obvious and some surprising areas where data professionals from other capital and data intensive and highly regulated industries can contribute to the new energy transition.

11:30 A discussion on the role of the SPDM in the new energy era
- Led by members of the Board of the SPDM

15:00 The Impact of Digitalisation on Data Professionals
- Fionnuala Cousins & Prof. Simon Burnett, Lecturer & Professor, Robert Gordons
Ecosystem and skills for the 'digital by default' future.

15:30 A discussion on the role of the SPDM in the new energy era
- Led by members of the Board of the SPDM

------------------------ Tuesday November 23rd. (UK time) ------------------------

11:00 Rethinking Data & Digital Platforms in Oil & Gas
- Gunnar Staff, Production Optimization, Industry Solutions, Cognite
To succeed with digitalization, organizations must prioritize Industrial DataOps and highly contextualized data so that engineers, data scientists and others can intuitively understand and apply to their use case.

11:30 Offshore Daily Production Data Dashboard
- Robert Swiergon
, The Oil and Gas Authority
From source to cloud, the OGA will present how daily production data is now routinely reported and is made publicly available via PowerBI and ArcGIS.

15:00 The Importance of Seismic Data Quality and Standards
- Jill Lewis, Managing Director, Troika
AI, ML, OSDU, VDS, Cloud, etc., All new words and all need clean data. The industry wastes the most incredible amount of time and valuable resources going through data over and over again. It’s time to wake up and get it right.

15:30 Can AI accelerate adoption of the OSDU Data Platform?
- Jamie Cruise, Head of Products, Data
, Schlumberger
Come and discover how our ready to run service enables seamless connection to AI and domain applications for faster and improved decisions.

------------------------ Wednesday November 24th. (UK time) ------------------------

11:00 Data Mesh Explained – how we utilize data mesh in Equinor
- Sun Maria Lehmann & Jorn Olmheim, Enterprise Data Architect, Equinor

Data Products and Data Mesh explained with an Enterprise Data Architecture perspective in Equinor. .

11:30 But I don’t want to migrate my data (again)!
- Michael van der Haven, Director Consulting Expert, CGI

How OSDU can be utilized to create a data mesh and make your open data journey light-weight

15:00 Technical Information and Data Management – a Critical Enabler for Effective End-to-End Delivery of Subsurface Excellence
- Joshua Ukoha, Technical Data Management Lead, The Shell Petroleum Development Company Of Nigeria

15:30 A Start-to-END Data Quality Evaluation
- Dr. Leila Belabbassi, Lecturer, Texas A&M University

------------------------ Thursday November 25th. (UK time) ------------------------

11:00 The Superpowers to thrive in a world of constant change
- Siti Zubaidah Abu Bakar, Technical Data Analyst, Repsol
How do you see changes? As a threat or opportunity? How to treat and embrace the unexpected events as challenges rather than obstacles to avoid.

11:30 Enabling Spatial Data through SLIMM (Spatial Location Information Model & Media files)
- Håvard Gustad, Specialist IM, Equinor
Spatial Location information model and Media files, and it is a Data Management solution that will feed spatial data and information to end-user applications

15:00 Capturing assay table in mining documents.

- Henri Blondelle,CEO, AgileDD
A case study based on the TabIO open-source library to locate an segment tables at scale.

------------------------ Friday November 26th. (UK time) ------------------------

11:00 How Intelligent Search can support Digital Transformation
- Lee Hatfield, Senior IM Consultant, Flare Solutions

11:30 A Response to the UKCS Data & Digital Maturity Survey
- Dave Mackinnon, Technology & Innovation Manager, Technology Leadership Board
Progressing the challenges of Digital Transformation within a UK Offshore Energy Industry

15:00 The Future of Industry Standards
- Ross Philo, Chief Executive Officer, Energistics

… followed by a brief panel session with guests to be announced.

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