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Nomination Committee Recommendation for the first Elected Board

Elections to the Board of the Society will take place at its Extraordinary General Meeting, to be held on September 18th 2019 in Haugesund, Norway as part of the ECIM Conference.

This new board will be the first board to be elected by Member of the Society, and will replace the interim board that has served since the formal establishment of the Society.

After an open nomination process, the Nomination Committee is pleased to recommend to the Members of the Society that the following board composition be elected:

Daniel Brown, UK (Chairman)
Stephan Grujters, Netherland (Deputy Chairman)
Lars Gåseby, Norway

New for election:
Jane Birkett-Hodson, UK
Kerry Blinston, UK
Elisabeth Hegle, Norway
Fionnuala Cousins, UK (Deputy Director)
Khushal Adlakha, Norway, (Deputy Director)

Please find bio and statements below for each of the new candidates.

Jane Hodson, UK
Jane is a highly experienced Subsurface Technology and Data Management Subject Matter Expert with over 30+ years in the industry. Although she started in the Merchant Navy (as a Radio Officer) a complete change in her career found her transferring to the oil industry in 1984 with BP in the Petroleum Engineering Department and so began her indoctrination into subsurface data management. Initially in BP then onto CNR, Centrica and now Premier Oil. She is currently sitting on the NDR Advisory Committee and also mentoring a new generation of petroleum data managers.

Jane's Statement:
I want to help create an environment within and around the petroleum data management community that helps guide and lead our members to make a mark and a difference in our industry. The desire to see Petroleum Data Managers recognized for their professionalism and expertise is what drives me to put myself forward to be part of that change and help steer this new organisation into the future. I will work hard to see these goals achieved by networking, endorsing, thinking outside the box, collaborating with all board members, and listening to our members and those in the wider industry and academia. This is an exciting time for all of us and I will bring my enthusiasm and drive to this role if elected.

Fionnuala Cousins, UK
Fionnuala is a lecturer in the Information Management group at Robert Gordon University (RGU), specialising in industrial data and information and leading the development and delivery of the Graduate Certificate Petroleum Data Management. Prior to this she working in industry, particularly topside information management. She started her industrial data and information management career on a partnership project between RGU and a Scottish service company.

Fionnuala's Statement:
PDM is a field advancing towards professional status. The establishment of a professional body is an important element of this status but the activities of the society are equally as important. The early years of any membership body are crucial in ensuring that it delivers the value that members expect and deserve. Working with a new group of PDM students each year, I am particularly motivated to ensure that they gain the professional status that they deserve, through a body of knowledge, events, networking and professional development opportunities from the Society. Academia has a strong part to play in this development and I would be thrilled to be able to bring an academic perspective to the Society's Board.
It has been confirmed internally that should the Society have any formal engagement with RGU if and while I am part of the Board, e.g. as a course accrediting body, it will be sufficient for me to recuse myself from the Society's deliberation and decision making with regards to RGU.

Kerry Blinston, UK
Kerry holds a degree in Geological Sciences from Leeds University and a masters in Petroleum Geology from the University of Aberdeen. He commenced his career as a sedimentologist working for Robertson Research. Advancing into various business development and managerial roles Kerry now manages CGG’s global data management business line as VP Smart Data Solutions, having joined the data management group in 2007. As an active member of the international petroleum data management community he has been part of the organising committee for the NDR conference, sits on the advisory group for the RGU Graduate Certificate in Petroleum Data Management is currently co-leading the Data Security, Entitlements and Obligations team for Open Subsurface Data Universe.

Kerry's Statement:
As a member of the petroleum data management community it is apparent to me that, as a group, we are necessarily drawn from a wide variety of different technical areas and professions. This makes it difficult for the role of the data manager to be recognised as a profession in its own right, yet the criticality of data management in our businesses continues to grow and data management should not be a support group to which people are posted. A variety of trade and standards bodies do a good job serving the interests of the businesses we work for, however I believe there is room for an organisation that is focussed on the individual. As a firm believer in providing opportunities for people to maximise their potential and in the importance and value of data management, I’d like to ensure that the society prospers, serving the needs of the current and future community of petroleum data managers.

Khusal Adlakha, Norway
Khusal is a Data Scientist at Pro Well Plan AS, an ambitious oil and gas digital well-planning product-based company in Bergen, Norway. He is working on solving oil and gas upstream use cases with a data-driven approach and machine learning. In Pro Well Plan AS, he is responsible for data science and data analytics related activties for product development, executing and presenting consulting projects to clients involving data analytics and machine learning. He holds a MSc in Petroleum Geosciences Engineering from University of Stavanger, Norway and Bachelor's in Petroleum Geosciences Engineering from UPES, India.

Khusal's Statement:
I am running for the SPDM board because I would like to continue the great work done by the first SPDM board to advance this society in the right direction. I will bring a different perspective to the community i.e a mixture of youth, energy and experience in digital energy solutions. My goals for the Society will be to Promote SPDM in digital space in order to increase membership and creating value for current members by promoting the benefits of the Society. I understand the risk of electing a young member in the Board in the nascent stage, but I want to assure you I will do my best to achieve the objectives of the society with responsibility.

Elisabeth Hegle, Norway
Elisabeth has 29 years’ experience in the Data Management aspects of the oil and gas industry. MSc Information Management. Leader of ECIM Education WG 2013 – 2016. Diskos MC representative. Currently employed as Data Manager at Spirit Energy.

Elisabeth's Statement:
Warmly enthusiastic, high spirited, ingenious, imaginative. Data, people and knowledge are important assets for the company. I wish that Data Management could be more efficient and generic tasks could be automated. My objective is to promote IM/DM education and data management practices.

Bios of the current board members found here.

Stephan Gruijters, Netherlands
Member of the Interim Board and has accepted to serve for new period.

Daniel Brown, UK
Member of the Interim Board. He is appointed by CDA to serve for a new period.

Lars Gåseby, Norway
Member of the Interim Board. He is appointed by the ECIM Society to serve for a new period.

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