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Extra ordinary annual Meeting for the Society for Petroleum Data Managers

We hereby invite for an extraordniary annual Meeting for the Society for Petroleum Data Managers on tuesday 17. September from 17:30 to 18:15 in room B next to the lunch area.

The reason for having this meeting is election of Board of Directors.

Agenda for the meeting

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Counting of members present in person and via Skype
3. Election of minutes taker and co-signer of the minutes
4. Short summary of status of the Society
5. Election of board
- Orientation about the nomination and election process
- Formal election
Link ( to the nominated board of directors.

6. Eventual written questions received from members prior to the meeting
7. Closing of the meeting

Registration to attend

If you wish to attend the meeting please register HERE; (
Please note: You can attend over Skype or attend the meeting in person.
(Be sure to register correct email address if you choose to attend over Skype for Business).

Please note that the annual meeting is for members only.

Any questions or points you want to raise under agenda point 6 and to be discussed at the meeting must be received by the society within 14 days prior to the meeting using this mail address

Short history

The Society for Petroleum Data Managers was formally constituted and registered in the Norwegian Registry as a legal entity in May 2018.

An interim board has served as a temporary board for the society until today and will be replaced as soon as the first member elected board is in place.

kind regards

Lars Gåseby
Society for Petroleum Data Managers

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